Tora Tora Platinum Vol.45 TRP-045 Yuka Osawa

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While a large amount of sloppy Innovation Daradaradara ~ drool runaway, drunk in pleasure, to hollow eyes, the agony screaming, leak your ○ girl, while Fukimakuri the tide, many times spree. And, after the finish out a large amount, it clung to the sweat of actor to be relieved to finish the people work, once again like to have sex … put again, begging with me …. out in.

so. Woman named Yuka Osawa’s not just a idle actress. Face too cute well-equipped too, but I’m just idle itself, why she is very successful up to this point as AV actress is in her erotic and performance. Many of the ultra-transformation performance of Yuka Osawa was to fully open its of Yuka Osawa charm. Without far from the parade. Exactly, Tsu masterpiece of Yuka Osawa appeared here!

Yuka Osawa is, out uncensored’s first raw Kansei Saddle live in! In addition to a large amount squirting! Endless! Drool rolling up hanging, exquisite title spree provoked you in Dirty video cavalcade of broadcasting ban on the verge. Too dangerous gorgeous sex body of a woman was flushed with Yuka is lust! Aventure sex of the young wife. Stuff oneself his own cock once body of a woman that was on fire. Frenzy screaming span Bareback! Cock in the cowgirl!淫獣 to drool while raising the Force.

Most of the attractions are, production fuck from the obscene talk & interview too etch of the actor was nominated himself Yuka Osawa. “The other, I want you to mess up.” And a large favorite actor of that I think the other party, Yuka Osawa, after told the stark his obscene propensity, in order to realize it, forget work, seriousness 1000% Tsukeru fascinated fierce appearance of rolled Iki of rolled in agony and frenzy to fuck dance wildly.

The other, because he wanted to inspire early, Yuka Osawa of feeling also not help standing can have. While graces “Please anymore … mess …”, you will Yuka Osawa Asked embrace the actor, completely forget the work, in the never showed up to now look, from too loose crotch ○ leaking girl, blowing the tide, it fascinated me a tremendous erotic fuck while flowing from a large amount of drooling mouth. Completely defenseless of the baby state, rolled in agony on runaway a lot of juice from every hole, is Yuka Osawa that intoxicated at the height, the other super-absolute must-see! !

Now, please enjoy a really perfect score fuck of Yuka Osawa heart’s content!

Dara Irama editor-in-chief


トラトラプラチナ Vol.45 : 大沢佑香










主演女優: 大沢佑香
スタジオ: トラトラトラ
シリーズ: トラ トラ プラチナ

商品番号: TRP-045 |
メディア形式: DVD |
リージョンコード: 0 (全て) |
映像信号方式: NTSC形式 |
画面形式: 4:3 標準テレビサイズ |
DVDタイプ: 片面一層 |
言 語: 日本語 |
ディスク枚数: 1 |
字幕: N/A





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