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RCT-808: Get Over Here, Yumi Kazama Famous Actresses In A Tough Lesbian Battle 3rd Match|

    Release Date: Dec. 24,2015 Runtime: 134 min. Languages: Japanese Subtitles: —- Content ID: 1rct00808 Actress(es): Yumi Kazama, Maki Hojo, Kyoko Maki, Ayako Kano Series: —- Studio: ROCKET Channel: —- Director: Shita Funaki Label: ROCKET Categories: Variety, Lesbian, Squirting, Dirty Talk, Hi-Def ROCKET8周年記念ユーザーリクエスト祭り かかってこいよ風間ゆみ 因縁女優とガチンコレズバトル3番勝負 AV女優歴18年!現役最長!巨乳美熟女レジェンド風間ゆみにレズテクでは絶対負けないと豪語する3人の凄テクタチ女優が挑む!! 作品詳細 風間ゆみと夢のガチレズ真剣勝負!レズ百戦錬磨の北条麻妃、真木今日子、加納綾子が啖呵を切って挑戦状!本気になったレジェンド女優が妖艶かつ激しいレズバトルを見せる!マ◯コ攻撃で飛び散る潮!淫語で激しい挑発、ねっとりディープキス、アクロバティックな貝合わせでエビ反りイキ!貪るように舐め合い擦り合う! 出演     風間ゆみ, 北条麻妃, 真木今日子, 加納綾子 監督     舟木シータ […]

AUKG-331: Lesbian Ward 7 -The Busty Female Doctor And Her Married Patient In The Lesbian Examination Room- Yumi Kazama, Kiriko Imafuji|風間ゆみ, 今藤霧子

Video Summary: Large hospital in this town is made up of seven of the ward. I (Kiriko Imafuji) has been entrusted with the seventh ward as director of psychiatry. Female patients I am responsible (Yumi Kazama), it also a woman of lesbian. Here is a place where Modaeru seek healing woman who embarrassed the unexpected […]

VAGU-148: Virgin Yumi Kazama|風間ゆみ

If video doesn’t play or for free download: >> Click Here << Video Description: It looks good woman female pheromone drifts. But do not let me quite do. That her Yumi. In fact, I was still a virgin in the middle also thirties …. Yumi is a fiance Tosya would be squid also in intense […]

VEC-183: Jerking Hips! Violent Orgasms! The Mobile Massage Parlor That Guarantees Convulsions And Squirting – Yumi Kazama|風間ゆみ

Video Description: That there is a massage shop that is a rumor between now world of Housewives. In anything all its store of staff Twink, apparently selling “collective climax treatment services” to eliminate the sexual stress and frustration of Housewives. Allured to such plausible rumor, married woman, which is also not met one person tonight […]

JUFD-539: Colossal Tits S&M Hardcore Lesbians–The Dirty Auntie Who Leads Her Pretty Niece Into Temptation – Kurea Hasumi, Yumi Kazama|蓮実クレア, 風間ゆみ

Video Description: Exquisite beauty is finally shaved the first lifting of the ban! Sameshima anaerobic was pointing to the boss that does not rely on the offer to change jobs. But at a later date, it discouraged is begging the boss’s wife Ayumi, but Sameshima know that the boss is compromised in that he quit […]

JUX-711: Tempted By My Boss’s Wife… Yumi Kazama|風間ゆみ

Video Info: HR of the company is carried out full-scale reform, Takeshi, which was transferred to Tokyo from Sendai branch. Was in trouble with too steep change, general manager for his loved to new graduates era “until you find the house’m okay to sponger” who over the voice and. Director of the house is has […]