FSG-012: 性感スリップ倶楽部 スリップ白書2 夏目優希


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Sexual Slip Club Slip White Paper 2 – Yuki Natsume

Video Description:

Fetish shop “Sexual slip club” opened! Full wear slip on all courses to make the girls enjoy more. Please enjoy the three courses, Melancholic Imekura · Slut Health · Slip Soap. Our signboard girls boasting Yuuki Natsume slipping! With your mouth! In a pussy! I wrap up your cock and invite you to the cum. While waiting in the waiting room, you can enjoy slip fetish video. In addition, Natsume’s “first interview and fetish training” is also included!

AV Actress: Yuki Natsume
AV Manufacturer: JAMS (Jams)
AV label: Ferous basement
Director: Lower body Tigers
Release date: 2014/07/31 (DVD cell version)
Recording time: 143 minutes
Product code: FSG-012


性感スリップ倶楽部 スリップ白書2 夏目優希



AV女優:     夏目優希
AVメーカー:     JAMS(ジャムズ)
AVレーベル:     フェ地下
監督:     下半身タイガース
発売日:     2014/07/31 (DVD セル版)
収録時間:     143分
品番:     FSG-012



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